Dorks-Bug-Bounty – A Record Of Google Dorks For Bug Bounty, Internet Software Safety, And Pentesting

Dorks-Bug-Bounty - A List Of Google Dorks For Bug Bounty, Web Application Security, And Pentesting

Dorks Bug Bounty A List Of Google Dorks For Bug Bounty

A listing of Google Dorks for Bug Bounty, Internet Software Safety, and Pentesting

Live Tool -www -shop -share -ir -mfa

PHP extension w/ parameters ext:php inurl:?

Disclosed XSS and Open Redirects inurl:reports intext:””

Juicy Extensions

site:”example[.]com” ext:log | ext:txt | ext:conf | ext:cnf | ext:ini | ext:env | ext:sh | ext:bak | ext:backup | ext:swp | ext:old | ext:~ | ext:git | ext:svn | ext:htpasswd | ext:htaccess

XSS prone parameters

inurl:q= | inurl:s= | inurl:search= | inurl:query= | inurl:keyword= | inurl:lang= inurl:&

Open Redirect prone parameters

inurl:url= | inurl:return= | inurl:next= | inurl:redirect= | inurl:redir= | inurl:ret= | inurl:r2= | inurl:page= inurl:& inurl:http

SQLi Prone Parameters

inurl:id= | inurl:pid= | inurl:category= | inurl:cat= | inurl:action= | inurl:sid= | inurl:dir= inurl:&

SSRF Prone Parameters

inurl:http | inurl:url= | inurl:path= | inurl:dest= | inurl:html= | inurl:data= | inurl:domain= | inurl:page= inurl:&

LFI Prone Parameters

inurl:include | inurl:dir | inurl:detail= | inurl:file= | inurl:folder= | inurl:inc= | inurl:locate= | inurl:doc= | inurl:conf= inurl:&

RCE Prone Parameters

inurl:cmd | inurl:exec= | inurl:query= | inurl:code= | inurl:do= | inurl:run= | inurl:read= | inurl:ping= inurl:&

High % inurl keywords

inurl:config | inurl:env | inurl:setting | inurl:backup | inurl:admin | inurl:php site:example[.]com

Sensitive Parameters

inurl:email= | inurl:phone= | inurl:password= | inurl:secret= inurl:& site:example[.]com

API Docs

inurl:apidocs | inurl:api-docs | inurl:swagger | inurl:api-explorer site:”example[.]com”

Code Leaks “” “” “” “”

Cloud Storage “” “” “” “” “example[.]com” “example[.]com” “example[.]com” “example[.]com” “example[.]com” “example[.]com” “example[.]com” “example[.]com” inurl:”/d/” “example[.]com”

JFrog Artifactory “example[.]com”

Firebase “example[.]com”

File upload endpoints “choose file”

Dorks that work better w/o domain

Bug Bounty programs and Vulnerability Disclosure Programs

“submit vulnerability report” | “powered by bugcrowd” | “powered by hackerone”

site:*/security.txt “bounty”

Apache Server Status Exposed

site:*/server-status apache




intext:”Powered by” & intext:Drupal & inurl:user



Medium articles for more dorks:

Top Parameters:

Proviesec dorks:


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