Founder of BreachForums sentenced to 20 years of supervised release without prison time


Conor Brian Fitzpatrick has been sentenced to prison and 20 years of supervised release for his role as creator and administrator of BreachForums.

Fitzpatrick, who went by the online alias “pompompurin,” was arrested in New York in March 2023 and subsequently charged with conspiracy to commit access device fraud and possession of child pornography. He was later released on a $300,000 bond, and in July 2023, he pleaded guilty to the charges.

BreachForums was a major cybercrime marketplace that had been facilitating the trading of stolen data since March 2022. Before the closure, the website had more than 340,000 members.

Stolen items commonly sold on the platform include bank account information, Social Security numbers, personally identifiable information (PII), hacking tools, hacked databases, and account credentials for compromised online accounts with service providers and merchants.

BreachForums also advertised services for gaining unauthorized access to victim systems. In total, it is estimated that millions of U.S. citizens and hundreds of U.S. and foreign companies, organizations, and government agencies have been affected.

Additionally, Fitzpatrick operated a ‘Leaks Market’, which acted as a trusted intermediary (i.e. escrow) between individuals on the website attempting to trade hacked or stolen data, tools, and other illegal materials.

“In addition, Fitzpatrick allegedly operated an ‘official’ database section through which BreachForums directly sold access to verified hacked databases through a ‘credits’ system operated by the platform,” the U.S. Department of Justice said. said.

Court documents obtained from show that Fitzpatrick’s mental health may have played a role in his escape from prison. A day before sentencing, prosecutors recommended a prison sentence of 15 years for the suspect.

The 21-year-old is expected to serve the first two years of his release under supervised home confinement with a GPS location tracker and undergo mental health treatment. He has also been ordered not to use the internet for the first year and to register with the state sex offender registry office in each state where he lives.

The amount of restitution Fitzpatrick must pay for the victims’ losses has yet to be determined. Earlier this month, Fitzpatrick was jailed for violating the terms of his pre-sentencing release by using an unmonitored computer and a virtual private network (VPN).

That said, the seizure of the domains by law enforcement in March 2023 did little to prevent the illegal service from going off the air. In November 2023 was BreachForums resurrected by the infamous ShinyHunters group, previously known to be active on the Raid Forums, whose removal led to the launch of BreachForums.

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